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Tasks Settings - Agency

Add and configure status and task type in the “Settings” area of the Tasks feature. Configuring and adding tasks will have effect on users assigning and being assigned tasks in BerniePortal that are attached to you.


For example, brokers and others who are assigning or being assigned tasks will see the status’ and task types in your lists.




Add/Edit a status

Add a custom status to your list of task status’ by clicking “Add status.” Once named and added, the new status will generate in the list.


Hover over the actions gear to edit each status’ setting. Status options include:


“Mark as default status” – This will be the status that a task will appear once created and assigned.


Mark as closed” – Assign this to the status to indicate that the status is complete and closed.






Add a task type 

Adding a task type will give task assignees more options to choose from when creating a task. Click “Add type” above the list of task types.


Once the type is named and added, the new task will generate in the list.


Hover over the actions gear to mark as the default task or delete it.




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