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Terminate/Reinstate employees

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Terminate an Employee

When it’s time to cut ties with an employee, removing them from your company’s BerniePortal and administering termination documents (i.e. COBRA information) can be taken care of from the employee menu. As an employer or benefits administrator, you’re able to end the terminated employee’s benefits and payroll quickly.


Step 1: While in your employee menu, select the actions icon next to the appropriate individual and click “Terminate”




Step 2: Use the calendar pop out to select the date of the employee’s last day of work and list reason for termination (i.e. resignation, for cause, or other) – Employers and benefit admins will be able to list a custom reason if they select “other” as cause of termination.





Terminated employees will remain at the bottom of the employee’s menu unless permanently deleted. To permanently delete an ex-employee’s information from your group’s BerniePortal, click the actions gear next to the individual and choose “delete.”




BernieTip: Deleted employees will remain in your Recycle Bin for 30 days. Find deleted employees in the trash can icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.



Reinstate an employee

Have an existing employee being rehired? Or one that was incorrectly terminated? Because BerniePortal stores all past employee information, re-activing an employee within your group requires just a few clicks of the mouse. If an employee’s information that previously existed in BerniePortal is still relevant, then you will not be required to enter that same information again.


Employers and benefit admins will notice all terminated employees at the bottom of the employee menu.


Step 1: Click the actions icon to the right of the employee that needs to be reinstated and click “reinstate”




Step 2: Choose the reason for reinstatement using the dropdown menu, and click “reinstate”




“Made a mistake” will have that employee be automatically reenrolled in their original benefits. If this was a “Rehire,” then the individual will be given a Qualifying Event and will make new benefit elections.



Offering COBRA:



Once an employee is terminated on BerniePortal, they will receive a notice of termination email with their current benefits attached (this setting can be turned on/off in employer profile). Employers or COBRA administrator will need to send the individual their COBRA offer (ask your HR or Benefits Admin – you may use Bernard Health for administration). This is not done automatically.



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