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The To Do list keeps you up to date on tasks requiring Admin attention, usually involving the approval of employee requests and or other actions necessary for Admin review.


Use the dropdown menu for each To Do list header to view a list of actionable items requiring your attention. The number of outstanding items show in the blue bubble to the right of each category.


To complete an action, just click the dropdown arrow of any To Do category, and then click on an item in the list.


Types of Categories


“Applicant Tracking”


View unread messages by Job Post by clicking the dropdown arrow for Applicant Tracking. You’ll be taken to the Job Post Messages area where you’ll be able to read and respond to the message thread between you, the candidate, and your hiring team.





Check the status of notices that require an action from employees. Clicking the dropdown arrow will give you notices titles and corresponding number of outstanding e-signatures. From here, you have the ability to send reminders to those employees who have yet to review and e-sign the notice. Just click on the Notices name and a reminder with custom text module will appear.



“I-9 Certifications”:  

An employee’s I-9 document(s) must be reviewed and approved by admins in order for them to be considered completely onboarded in BerniePortal. Click the dropdown arrow to view a list of unapproved I-9 document(s). Choose a name from the list to access the approval. Fill out the necessary fields in order to complete the certification.



“Onboarding paperwork”: 

Employees who have other outstanding onboarding paperwork will appear under this category. Click on the dropdown arrow to view which employees need to complete paperwork. You’ll be able to send them a friendly reminder to finish up, here. Just click on the new hire’s name to send a reminder to only them or to all employees that need to finish paperwork.






Payroll records that still need to be synced will be shown here. Clicking on the action will take you to the Pushes section of the Payroll feature where you’ll be able to finish payroll tasks.


Oh no! It looks like Bernie’s Music Shop employee records failed to sync correctly with their Payroll administrator. Click here, to visit Payroll help if you are a Payroll Admin.



Outstanding benefit enrollment”:


Employees who have outstanding benefit elections will appear by clicking the dropdown arrow. Clicking on an employee from this list will open a send reminder module where you have the option to send a single reminder or to all employees who fall under the outstanding benefits category.



“Pending EOI:


When benefits that require EOI approval are elected by employees, the action for approval/denial appear as an action in this panel.


Click the dropdown menu and select the employee whose benefit coverage amount needs approval. You’ll be taken to the employee’s Plans area where their benefit amount can be approved or denied.





Employee timesheet edits are listed under this category. Click the dropdown menu to view individual edits. By clicking on an employee’s name. You’ll be taken to the employee’s time sheet where you can view comments and approve/deny adjustments.


FAQ: How do I approve/deny timesheet edit requests





Employees that have outstanding items requiring attention for his/her Onboarding Checklist(s) will appear be listed under the Checklists category.


Simply click on the Employee name to be taken to that individual’s Checklist to mark as complete or not applicable.




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